the making of : storage bench

Here’s the story: My new studio has a huge corner window. I wanted to have easy access to it. Instead of putting my working table there, I wanted a storage bench which I could sit on and store my fabrics. Initially, I was planning to buy one. However, I couldn’t find the size/quality that I wanted or it’s just too expensive. So, I decided to build one.

Everything is available at home improvement store. I got mine from home depot and lowes. I’m lucky to find a 97″x16″ wood board with finished surface. 16″ is the width that I wanted. One of the nice thing about these home improvement store is that they can help you to cut the board. I got 3 pieces and asked them to cut in half. So my finished storage bench would be approx. 48.5″long x 16″tall x 16″ width. Oh yes, and some corner braces and hinges too.

Corner braces on the inside, so it’ll look cleaner from outside. I also like to pre-drill holes before putting on screws, so that the braces won’t shift as much. In other words, it will stay at place where I want it be. It took me about a total of one full day to make it. I’m very happy with the result.


13 thoughts on “the making of : storage bench

  1. Gorgeous, good work! I have been on the look out for something like this, and you’ve just given the inspiration to -duh-do it myself! Thanks for sharing!

    • My board are about 0.75″ thick. So minus the 0.75″ thickness front and back board. It would be 16″-0.75″-0.75″=14.5″. Thus, in my case, my center board and side boards are 16″x14.5″.

    • Yes there are two pieces. you can ask them (the home depot guy) cut it for you for free or for a small fee(depending on which home depot you go to). The smaller piece is nailed into the body of the bench, and the bigger piece is attached to the smaller piece with 4 small hinges.
      I hope this will clear the confusion.

    • It is quite sturdy. I’m 130lbs. I sometimes step on it to get to a high shelf next to this bench. Just make sure you use the 3/4″+ thickness board, don’t use those thin one.

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