New in the shop

This is a dual look backpack. You can change the look of your backpack in a second.
Great for those day when you need to carry your laptop and books.

This backpack / rucksack is great for outdoor activities. The exterior of the backpack is made with weather resistant waxed canvas, durable quality leather, and heavy duty webbing. The interior lining is made with commercial water repellent cotton canvas. Other Fabric combinations are also available in the shop now.

-leather flap and bottom
-one interior zippered pocket
-easy access snap closure
-one exterior snap closure pocket behind the flap

How to change the look?
Just hook the two clasps together and close the flap.
When you want the regular corner up look, you can use the clasp as a key hook too.



post SF & LA renegade craft fair

I always like the Fort Mason venue, an indoor high ceiling well-lighted structure. When I want to take a break during the fair, just exit the building, there would be a panoramic view of the bay. One the left you can see golden gate bridge, Alcatraz in the center, east bay and piers on the right.

Adventure : half day in London

Last year, I needed to travel to the other side of the world. Because of the long distance, I had to stop over at London. I decided to take the next flight instead, so I would have 18 hours transiting time to get out of the airport and spend half a day in London.

London is a very walkable city (at least for the area that I went to). After landing at London Heathrow, I headed to my hostel, which is right next to the british museum, and dropped off my luggage. From there, I covered British museum, Soho, Trafalgar Square, House of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, then back to the hostel by walking. Everything is in close proximity.

I went there around early November, thus, daylight is very short. Sun goes down early around 6pm, and it doesn’t come up before 8:30am or maybe even later. The long gloomy weather is just not very welcoming.

Obviously, half day is not enough to know a city. I hope I could visit London again.

the making of : five flower tea 五花茶

As I mention in the previous post, I got bed bug bite pretty badly in new york. After I got back home, my mom got me this herbal tea pack to brew, which helps to heal the inflammation from the bed bug wounds. “It can clear heat and expel dampness and anti-inflammation, which helps to alleviate symptoms like fatique, sore throat, indigestion, poor appetite, insomnia and urinary difficulty.”

五花茶     [ng , faa , cha]
Five Flower Tea

1。雞蛋花   Plumeria
2。槐花       Sophora Japonica
3。菊花       Chrysanthemum
4。金銀花   Lonicera Japonica
5。木棉花   Bombax Ceiba

Five Flower Tea is a kind of herbal tea, of course {from the name} consists of five flowers. This herbal tea is well know in Southern China, especially in Canton Province, including Hong Kong and Macau. You can find it in most chinese market or chinese medicine shop. My mom got 2 small packs $1.50 each (cheap!).

How to brew?
1。prepare a large pot and put the five flower tea pack inside
2。add sugar (i put several spoons of brown sugar)
3。measure 6 cups of water and pour it into the pot
4。heat it up
5。turn down the heat when it’s bubbling
6。continue to boil in low heat for another 45min +/-

After it’s done, the water will reduce to half, about 2-3 cups. The color will looks like dark roast coffee with thick texture and bold bitter herbal floral taste. Serve hot or cold. I like to have it cold in hot summer day, it really can cool me down.


Adventure : New York

As you know, my friend and I went to New York for the renegade craft fair show. We flew there 2 days before the fair and spent a little time roaming in new york.

1. Lobster Place
This pace is inside the Chelsea Market. Lots of variety of fresh seafood. My friend and I order a Lobster ,a sushi platter, and a squid salad. It was yummy! The good thing about this place is that you can select your own lobster and they will stream and cut for you.
2. Metropolitan Museum
I always read review about museum and those people who wrote it always said “you need to spend a day here.” And after visiting metropolitan, I would say “you really need to spend a day there.” The collection is HUGH. My friend and I got there late morning, spend 2 hours and just covered a small portion. We got out for lunch and popped back in until they closed at 8:45pm, and we still haven’t covered everything.
3. Dessert in Little Italy
One night, we had our dinner at de gennaro at little italy. The main course is just okay, but the dessert is a surprising delicious! We ordered a tiramisu and a creme brulee.

1. Bed Bug
I have heard new york’s bed bug problem before, but I didn’t think that it would happen to me. I got pretty bad bed bug bite on my face and arms. Won’t show the picture here to lower your appetite. But people out there (yes, you!) should be careful about it when you go to new york.
2. Subway
Yes I know. It is very convenient going from place to place, BUT not when we have 2 baggages, especially in this summer weather.

Despite the bed bug bite, I did enjoy my new york business/leisure trip very much.

Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair

I will be there sharing a booth with my fellow artist friend, the owner of The Little Red House. It’s our first time going to an out-of-state craft fair. It will be a very valuable lesson/experience/adventure. Wish us LUCK!

Trip to South Cal.

My high school friend from Hong Kong (now living in Australia) is coming to visit me at the end of may. I’m planning to take her to Southern California. We are planning to cover part of route 1, Solvang, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, and all of the touristy places 😉

here’s our tentative route.

Attractions include: 3 theme parks, hotels hopping in Vegas, lite hiking in Grand Canyon, Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood, San Diego Mission Bay, Colorado Island, etc.

Culinary Adventures include: unknown yet, but i’m sure we will be filled with lots of good food :9 yum!

I will update more info later on!