Event : Renegade Craft Fair Chicago Fall 2014

the mobilis in natural canvas


Chicago Renegade Craft Fair is this weekend.
300+ unique vendors/markers.
You wouldn’t want to miss it.




Buluchu x Blog Party

backpack no.5 dark coral


Buluchu x Blog Party

This backpack is going to be in Blog Party’s July event giveaway.

Blog Party is collective meetup for bloggers of all stripes to meet and mingle. Parties are hosted in various spaces and is an opportunity for creative companies to connect with a global audience through bloggers and their readers. During a Blog Party, attendees can expect to connect with other bloggers, eat delicious food, hang out in exclusive creative spaces and score some amazing swag.”

Blog Party’s founder, Jamie, although I’ve never met her in person, but from her own blog (jforjamie) and our email conversations, I found her very professional, joyful, someone who knows how to enjoy life.

Last Blog Party’s event was hosted in Brit+Co. This time, they will be in Social Print Studio in San Francisco. If you want to connect with other bloggers in the San Francisco Bay Area, you should definitely check that out.

post SF & LA renegade craft fair

I always like the Fort Mason venue, an indoor high ceiling well-lighted structure. When I want to take a break during the fair, just exit the building, there would be a panoramic view of the bay. One the left you can see golden gate bridge, Alcatraz in the center, east bay and piers on the right.

Adventure : half day in London

Last year, I needed to travel to the other side of the world. Because of the long distance, I had to stop over at London. I decided to take the next flight instead, so I would have 18 hours transiting time to get out of the airport and spend half a day in London.

London is a very walkable city (at least for the area that I went to). After landing at London Heathrow, I headed to my hostel, which is right next to the british museum, and dropped off my luggage. From there, I covered British museum, Soho, Trafalgar Square, House of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, then back to the hostel by walking. Everything is in close proximity.

I went there around early November, thus, daylight is very short. Sun goes down early around 6pm, and it doesn’t come up before 8:30am or maybe even later. The long gloomy weather is just not very welcoming.

Obviously, half day is not enough to know a city. I hope I could visit London again.

Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair

I will be there sharing a booth with my fellow artist friend, the owner of The Little Red House. It’s our first time going to an out-of-state craft fair. It will be a very valuable lesson/experience/adventure. Wish us LUCK!

Trip to South Cal.

My high school friend from Hong Kong (now living in Australia) is coming to visit me at the end of may. I’m planning to take her to Southern California. We are planning to cover part of route 1, Solvang, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, and all of the touristy places 😉

here’s our tentative route.

Attractions include: 3 theme parks, hotels hopping in Vegas, lite hiking in Grand Canyon, Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood, San Diego Mission Bay, Colorado Island, etc.

Culinary Adventures include: unknown yet, but i’m sure we will be filled with lots of good food :9 yum!

I will update more info later on!

“I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day”- by The Temptations

Living in the foggy city of San Francisco, seeing the sun seems like a luxurious item 😛
But hey, why not make some sunshine myself?

I am planning a world traveler series. These two items will be in the series; they are the California Sunshine Passport Organizer, and the California Sunshine Luggage Tag.

For some people, traveling means vacation. Of course, when you are in your vacation, you would probably want to have good weather with plenty of sunshine. For others, traveling might mean work. Driving or flying to different offices to meet with other businesswoman or businessman. It could be very tiring sometimes. So, with the intention to brighten up your day and help you to keep organize, I’ve designed this passport organizer, and luggage tag. The main fabric has a very vibrant yellow color, it was meant to mimic the color of the sun, and also to catch attention. So if you have this luggage tag on, when you are waiting at the baggage claim, it will be very easy to spot your bag from all of the other similar looking luggage.

In the organizer, there is room for your passports, credit cards, airline membership cards, foreign money, boarding pass, and your pen. And the all around zipper keeps your things in the organizer, so you don’t need to worry about things sliding off and falling out.

The luggage tag fits a regular business card ( 2″ x 3.5″ ), so you don’t need to write your own name and contact info again. You can just slide your business card or name card in, and you will be good to go 😉

The California Sunshine Passport Organizer and the California Sunshine Luggage Tag make a good combination for travelers. I’m still in the process of adjusting the sewing pattern here and there, so it’s not available in my online shop yet. But stay tuned!